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Have you just received an invitation by mail? If you have recently received an invitation from Celtic bank inviting you to apply for Indigo Platinum MasterCard at Then you must be wondering how you can apply for it through a mail. Are you wondering if you are pre-qualified or not? Well you can always check and apply for your own Indigo platinum MasterCard on website. It’s method will also be give below.

Are you maintaining a poor credit score? If yes then you are definitely at the right place because in a moment we will be sharing with you the credit card that is most suitable for your credit score. Are you wondering if Indigo Platinum MasterCard is suitable for you or not? It surely is perfect for you if you maintain a poor credit score.

Important Notes & Eligibility For

Here’s eligibility criteria and important notes for Indigoapply.

  • Applicant should  be 18 years of age or older than 18.
  • Stable internet connection because cannot be reached without internet.
  • Individual must be a certified Unites States citizen.
  • For individuals who maintain low credit score.

Here Are some Silent Features of Celtic Bank Indigo Platinum MasterCard.

  • Annual Fee is charged ranging between $0 to $99 depending upon the credit score of individual
  • APR is 23.9 % and it varies accordingly
  • The card also charges for foreign transaction. $1 is charged for each transaction.
  • Initial credit should be about $300
  • Authorized user fee is about $25 only.

How to Respond to Celtic Bank Indigoapply Platinum MasterCard Mail Offer?                                          

You can apply for your Platinum MasterCard through mail by following a few simple steps

  • Visit the official website of Celtic Bank Indigo Mastercard. Home Page will appear on your screen.
  • Enter your 12 digit invitation number in given spaces.
  • Enter your zip code. Click “Get started”
  • Enter your social security Number, your income, employment status, your valid address.
  • Review all your entries & Submit your credentials.
  • You will get a Response in a minute
  • Once your application has been approved ,you will receive your Indigo Platinum Credit card at your door steps within 7 to 10 working days.
you can apply for your Indigo Platinum MasterCard through mail only

Note: if you already have received an offer letter. In case you have not received one then you should go for the application method that we have stated earlier. Visit if you have received your offer letter 

if you already have received an offer letter. In case you have not received one then you should go for the application method that we have stated earlier. Visit if you have received your offer letter

How to Apply Pre-Qualified for Indigo Platinum MasterCard?
  • Enter your Full name, address, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully
  • Click on the square box to give  your consent to electronic disclosure
  • Click “ Pre-qualify Now” button. Platinum MasterCard Customer Reviews:

1- Helped build my credit and motivates me to spend wisely!

2- I don’t have the best of credit but Indigo is giving me the chance to rebuild it. The application process was very easy and I had the result all within 5 minutes (I even got to choose a design instead of just a plain jane card).

3- My credit is crap. I’m surprised Indigo is willing to take a chance on me. Yep I got hit with a $75 fee upfront but what can you expect when your credit is total crap. People here tend to forget that building credit ISN’T free. You pay to build and rebuild credit.

4- I have not had any problems with this card. I had to report a spam purchase, bought something from a fake company and never got my items, and customer service was excellent. They disputed the charge and I was credited within a week. I also had to cancel my card and get a new one and it all went smoothly. My payments get credited to my account by the next day, so I don’t have any problems like some of the other reviewers. 

Indigo Credit Cards Benefits:

Unlike many other credit cards in the market, indigo credit cards do not provide cash back rewards or points but instead it offers the following benefits:

  • Provides Rental car protection.
  • Provides Warranties on products you purchase with indigo credit cards.
  • Assist you while travelling.
  • Unlike other credit cards, the application procedure is much easier.
  • Individuals maintaining even a poor credit score can also apply for indigo platinum.
  • Security deposit is not required.
  • Card requests are easily approved as compared to other credit cards.
  • Foreign transaction fee is less as compared to what other cards charge.

Note: you need to activate you Indigo Platinum MasterCard to use it internationally. Thus before you board the plane, make sure that you have called at 1-866-946-9545 to activate your card

Indigo Credit Card drawbacks:

  • It charges its clients an annual fee ranging between $0 to $99 depending on the credit score of clients
  • You get maximum of $300 without cash rewards
  • Unlike other credit cards , Indigo platinum credit card does not provides sign up bonuses. Overview Table:

Possible Annual Fee $0, $59, $99
The Purchase APR$24.9 Fixed
Overall Review 4.5 out 5
Foreign Transaction FeeNone
Penalty APRNone
Late FeeUp to $40
Cash Advance Fee None Financial Giant Reviews:

Various websites have rated. based on customer reviews. Following are some of them:

  • CardRates has rated  4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • WalletHub has rated 3.7 out of 5.
  •  has rated 2.5 out of 5.
  • has rated 2 out of 5.

Indigo Platinum Credit Card Reports Credit Bureau:

 Indigo platinum credit card is affiliated with credit bureau and that’s why all your card activity, your spending, loans, credit scores, payments are reported to the credit bureau. These reporting’s helps the banks keep track of your usage as well as guide you towards building and improving your credit score.

Cards That are Suitable for High Credit Score:

 If you maintain a good credit score then surely indigo platinum credit card is not for you. You should get yourself some other card that is suitable for high credit score. Given below are some of the option. Visit the links below and you might find something that is best for you:

About Celtic Bank is a website that offers online application for the indigo platinum MasterCard. Indigoapply is affiliated with Celtic Bank and Genesis FS Card Services. The first thing that Individuals who receive their card indigo card invitation in mail need to do is visit and apply for their indigo platinum credit card.

The indigo platinum MasterCard is specially designed for those customers who maintain poor credit score. Individuals who maintain a good or satisfactory credit score might want to go for some other credit card but not indigo platinum MasterCard.

FAQs About Indigo Platinum Credit Card:

  • Is there any annual fee for indigo platinum MasterCard?

Yes there is an annual fee for indigo platinum MasterCard ranging from $0 to $99 .the charges depend upon the credit score of the client

  • What is the APR for Indigo platinum MasterCard?

The APR is 23.9% which is addition to this penalty APR is applied sometimes which is 29.9%

  • Am I allowed to add an authorized user?

Yes you have liberty to add an authorized user but in that case you will be held responsible for that user’s purchases

  • Are there any late fee charges?

If you didn’t have any late payments from past 6 months then charges will be $27, otherwise they will be $38

  • Can I ask for advance cash?

You surely can but you will be charged some extra money. You will be charged $5 or 5% of your demand, depending upon which one has more value.

  • How can I apply for Indigo platinum credit card?

You need to visit in order to apply for your indigo platinum credit card. The detailed procedure is explained above in this article.

Still Have queries? Contact Customer Support:

If you have read the above article carefully, we are certain that all your queries have been answered but in case there still something that is bothering you then you can always reach officials to answer them. Given below are some of the helplines that you can opt

  • Dial  1 866 946 9545   ( 6AM – 6PM Pacific time )
  • Mail them at  Genesis FS Card Services  PO Box 4477 Beaverton, OR  97076 4477
  • Fax at 503 268 4711
  • Visit and click “FAQs given at the bottom of the page.

A list of questions will appear and you can choose from them to be answered.

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